Welcome to CHEM-PROTECT company

Welcome to the website of the company CHEM-PROTECT - a specialist in hot-dip galvanizing.

The changed and modernised logo, new colours and an updated name of the company set new directions in our future enterprises in the coming years.
What has not been changed is our wish to remain a reliable partner in the field of optimization of hot-dip galvanizing processes.

If you search for more technical data please contact us.

Elzbieta Cyranka

Elżbieta Cyranka, MSc.

Executive MBA

Business owner

Our mission

  • Our speciality is hot-dip galvanizing and optimizing
  • We offer our 20 years experience and  background  in galvanizing
  • We search for newest technical solutions to create the Polish brand in galvanizing
  • We cooperate with proffesional leaders
  • We are customer oriented company