New product WS-Zink Spray 80/81.

ws zink

We are pleased to announce a new product in our offer - WS-Zink Spray 80/81.

WS-Zink has excellent corrosion resistance against atmospheric influences. The superior protection is based on the electrochemical behaviour of the metallic zinc dust, which oxidizes first, due to its less noble structure as compared to iron, and therefore effectively protects the iron structure below it. This is so-called cathodic corrosion protection prevents rust formation under the coating.

We inform that we have still in our offer WS-Zink paste in cans 250 ml, 500 ml.
Spray is available in 400 ml containers.

Autor: Jacek Cyranka

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous holiday

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Autor: Maciej Cyranka

CHEM-PROTECT dedicated offer for galvanizing plants

Elżbieta Cyranka właściciel firmy CHEM-PROTECT

Hot dip galvanizing has been nowadays considered as one of the most popular steel anti-corrosion protection methods.

Modern galvanizing wins in competition with other anti-corrosive metal and organic coatings, thanks to long term protection.

After twenty years of experience CHEM-PROTECT is a reliable supplier of the technological products, raw materials and specialities for all the types of galvanizing plants.

We invite you to download our offer.